Once again considering how badly mauled the country was during its civil war Sierra Leone has some excellent hotel and general accommodation options.

Freetown has some ten or more listed hotels with high standards of service and accommodation, some of which are conveniently situated close to the downtown beaches, in particular Lumley Beach. These include the Hotel Bintumani, Cape Sierra Hotel, Sierra Light House Hotel, Kimbima Hotel, Cabenda Hotel and the Country Lodge Complex.




Cheaper accommodation in the capital is also quite varied with a handful of guest houses that offer simple accommodation that is usually reasonably priced and well served. These include the Palace Guest House, Franjia Guest House and Chinatown Guest House. There are plenty of other accommodation facilities catering to a more local trade, and some caution needs to be applied in your choices in this regard.

Out of town things can be very patchy, and although there are quite a few options, you need to be careful in your choices. In the second city and regional capital Bo there are also a number of listed hotels and guest houses offering good and reasonably priced accommodation. On the cheaper side the Hotel St. Milton is probably the only viable option.

Elsewhere the situation is varied and quite dynamic, and is changing fairly rapidly. There are quite a few listed hotels and guest houses scattered around the country, and if you want to book in advance, your choices and destinations will be limited. However at the very least you should book your first few nights accommodation in Freetown, giving yourself then the opportunity to ask around and come up with the best options within the traveller and hospitality network, which is always the best way of organising things in Africa if you are an independent traveller.