Mt. Kilimanjaro

A Climbing Kilimanjaro Guide and The Porter Fraternity

The term ecotourism referring the Mount Kilimanjaro Trips tends to evoke images of enlightened travelers treading among the beauty of nature. During this Adventure Travel, they are guided by a local guide who reveals the treasures buried on the Mount Kilimanjaro. These guides take on many forms: Sometimes they are […]

Rongai, Northern Circuit and the Western Breach

Get your boots on and try your luck Climbing Kilimanjaro with the ultimate Kilimanjaro Hiking Tours. Starting on September 19th, we will be doing an Adventure Travel guided version of the Rongai Route Trekking. Taking the little known Kilimanjaro Northern Circuit Route around the base of Kibo Crater, and getting the summit […]

A Journey Along the Northern Circuit of Kilimanjaro

The quest for Alternative Kilimanjaro Routes grows daily as many companies spring up offering new and unique Climbing Packages. The Mount Kilimanjaro is becoming these days into a venture travel machine. Indeed, I was very fortunate for being invited on a little experimental climbing to explore the seldom used Northern Circuit of Kilimanjaro […]

How Much Does it Cost to Climb Kilimanjaro? Some Kili Scams

Hard times always bring out the creativity in men. Necessity is the mother of invention. There are many offers across the internet for a price cut on Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The one-million-dollar question is How Much Does it Cost to Climb Kilimanjaro? if a trip is offered below cost, be aware, because the […]

Historic Kilimanjaro

There probably are not that many military history enthusiasts likely to read this, but for those among you who would make the pilgrimage to Gettysburg, to the beaches of Normandy or the islands of the South Pacific, then Kilimanjaro is about as interesting a battle site as you could hope […]

Travel Insurance for Kilimanjaro

Insurance can be one of those travel expenses that slip through the net when you are tallying the cost of an overseas venture tour… As a budget traveler for most of my youth I did tend to throw caution to the wind, put faith in the Gods and hope for […]