Booking a vacation to Sweden can be the trip of a lifetime -especially in summer. While in country, there are many options for places to visit, things to see, and activities to do. Although each visitor may be into something different, Sweden truly has an activity to please everyone — […]

9 Things to Do in Sweden in Summer

Scandinavia — comprising Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and often extended to Finland, Faroe Islands and Iceland — is one of the most beautiful areas in the world and certainly a major attraction in Europe. But Scandinavia is also home to the world’s most expensive city (Oslo) and traveling here is […]

10 Days in Scandinavia: Itinerary Ideas

Known as the “Venice of the North”, today Stockholm offers glamour, beauty and rich history. Made up of 14 islands, Stockholm certainly deserves its nickname. Plus, the food is amazing and with a bit of research and planning you can even explore Stockholm on a Budget . >>read more about […]

3 Days in Stockholm: Itinerary Ideas

Due to Sweden’s location and north-south expanse, the cuisine has regional differences. In the north, game meats such as reindeer are eaten, while the south uses fresh vegetables. The foreign influences can also be seen pretty clearly in the country: French cuisine, sushi culture, and even pizza and kebab are […]

What to Eat in Sweden: Famous Swedish Foods

May starts to see warm weather and the locals welcome it with a summer-like picnic on Labor Day (May 1). The wildflowers are in bloom and it’s wonderful to visit the countryside. Also, many summer activities start to open but you can still take advantage o the off-season fares. Weather […]

Sweden in May