Getting from Beijing to Tianjin

Although an important port, Tianjin lacks the vitality of the Chinese coastal cities. The proximity to the capital of Beijing also means the bigger city overshadows Tianjin. Also, the city doesn’t exactly have too many buildings to show the tourists, but it doesn’t mean you’ll get bored. Between temples, monasteries and churches, you can visit a museum or spend time in the parks. Plus, you can always do some shopping.

While Tianjin has its own airport, the majority of travelers come by way of one of the Beijing’s airports (mostly Capital Airport).

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Quick summary

The simplest and fastest way to get from Beijing to Tianjin is by fast train (C-category). The trains take about ½ h and they leave every 15-20 min from Beijing.

Trains from Beijing to Tianjin

The main station, Tianjin Railway Station, has been built in 1888, renovated in 1988 and again in 2008 for the Olympic Games. Three more stations have been built since.




Most trains linking Beijing to Tianjin are high speed C-category trains, which take 30 min to cover the distance. They depart from Beijing South and arrive at the main Tianjin station. Trains depart every 15-20 min from Beijing. The single fare is US$9 for 2nd class and US$10 for first class. Tickets can be bought from the station on the day of departure.

Other types of trains , K, G and D, also connect the two cities , departing from Beijing South or Beijing West.

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Buses from Beijing to Tianjin

It is possible to take a bus between the two cities. Also, you can catch a bus directly from Gate 5 of Terminal 3 at Beijing Capital Airport (the bus also passes by Gate 11 of Terminal 2, where you can also board it). There are buses departing daily between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. every 30 min. The single fare is US$10. Taking the bus from the city is slightly cheaper, though (about US$5).

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Driving from Beijing to Tianjin

You can rent a car (preferably with a driver) in Beijing and drive the 140 km to Tianjin in about 2 h (depending on the traffic).

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