Things to do in Macau

Macau is synonymous with gambling. Whether you plan on trying your luck in casinos or at the greyhound races, you are in the right place. But what if you don’t? Macau also offers some non-gambling activities for the travelers, so read on.

The remains of the Sao Paulo Cathedral

With its long Portuguese history, Macau boasts incredible historical buildings dating from the time when it was a colony. Sao Paulo Cathedral is the most important landmark. However, only its façade is still standing. However, it’s a good place to visit, take some photos and maybe enjoy a snack while in the area.

Cool down at the beach

Hac Sa is a blacked sand beach in Macau and a lovely place to escape the hustle and bustle of the crowded areas. Don’t forget your swimsuit and sun block!

Try the snacks

Egg tarts and milk pudding are two of the snacks you shouldn’t miss while visiting Macau. Or maybe you want to try the dried meat?

Soak up the European architecture




A good place to start is Senate Square, with its cobblestones, shops and restaurants. Take a look at the buildings: doesn’t it feel like you are in Europe?

See the first lighthouse built in China

For this you need to walk to the Guia Fortress, which offers lovely views of the area, too. This is where the first lighthouse in China was built. And it is also the highest of the seven hills on which Macau was built.

Another option for seeing a lovely view of Macau is Mount Fortress. You can easily see the old and the new architecture in the city.


The affordable locally made t-shirts and jeans can be great discoveries and can replace the worn pieces of clothes you already carry around . Look for markets around the Senate Square.

Bungy jumping at the Macau Tower

For a 10 seconds thrill ride, you can try the bungy jump at the Macau Tower. It is the world’s highest bungy jump. The price is HKD2488 / US$320 per jump.

If you want to see the views but not plan to dash into the unknown, then you can spend some time in the observation lounge. There are two observations decks (level 58 and 61) open for the public.

Macau Grand Prix

Plan your vacation in November to see an interesting event: the Macau Grand Prix. It is one of the few street circuits and is also a challenging one.


Karaoke is a part of the Chinese culture and one of the things to try (and film , if you want to laugh more when you get home). Most bars offer private rooms for group so you don’t have to embarrass yourself in front of everybody…just your friends.

Casino hopping

If you want to get a taste of the gambling industry, you are more than welcomed to do so. Many resemble theme parks so you can spend some time doing something else than just gambling.

The Venetian Macau is a must-see as it’s the biggest casino in the world. And while you are at it, you might want to ride the gondola — it will almost feel like you are in Venice.

Photo credits : Cathedral , Beach , Egg tart , Square , Guia Fortress , Macau Tower , Venetian Macau