Eco Tours

small-group-turkey2.jpgTours are perfect if you have limited holiday time or prefer safety in numbers. They provide opportunities that are either impossible or difficult to do alone, like hiking or sailing, and sometimes venture into areas where you wouldn’t necessarily choose if you had organised your own itinerary. They offer different perspectives on new places. They’re also generally a lot more expensive than if you take the time to plan your own trip and discover the destination at your own pace.

Nevertheless, people book tours in their droves. It means someone else has the responsiblity of making all the crucial decisions while you sit back, relax and enjoy, which for many is what a holiday is all about.

Booking a Tour

Eco Tours are multiplying like flu viruses in winter; they’re everywhere and spreading fast. Wiley tour operators are on to the idea that green is the new black and the number of eco tours available has sky-rocketed as a result. But beware because many of them wouldn’t know the difference between an eco-friendly tour and a day out seal shooting if it hit them between the eyes, so to check if the company you’re booking through is kosher – Ecotourism Logue’s quick guide to finding a reputable tour company should help.




BootsnAll Small Group Tours

Bootsnall offer some fantastic small group adventure tours. Here are a few favourites:

Exclusive Summer Trip to TurkeyDiscover Turkey from all angles. This BootsnAll trip includes hiking, cycling, rafting and a 4-day cruise on the Med in a typical Turkish gulet. Accommodations on the tour include a night in a traditional cave hotel in Cappadocia and one night sleeping in a tree-fort.

Offbeat India with an Insider — This tour promises to offer the opportunity to get to know India, its people and culture first-hand. Visit Himalayan hill towns, stay on a homestay with an Indian family, learn classic Indian cooking techniques from local instructors and spend time practising yoga in its spiritual birth place.