North America Ecotourism

alasa2.jpgNorth America offers diverse landscapes with countless opportunities for the discerning eco traveller and if you’re lucky enough to live on this landmass it’s all very accessible without ever having to set foot on a plane, and reasonably inexpensive.

Only one problem, where do you go first?

United States

Many travellers have the US pencilled in right at the bottom of their travel wish-list, some only passing through the major airports on their way to somewhere else they believe to be more exotic or culture laden. Shame; they don’t know what they’re missing.

Discover the Everglades, Florida’s network of inland waterways; visit the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, or one of the hundreds of national parks, including the first of its kind, Yellowstone National Park, created in 1872, which offer countless opportunities for ramblers, cyclists, campers and wildlife enthusiasts.


Alaska, the 49th US state, may be cold and relatively barren yet it remains extremely popular with eco tourists keen to view its majestic glaciers and abundant wildlife and with adrenaline seeking travellers; adventure opportunities abound.




Mount McKinley, North America’s largest mountain, in Denali National Park offers exciting routes for hikers and cyclists as do the mountain ranges in the South Central region. Explore the coves and inlets of the Aleutian Islands by kayak, photograph sea otters and puffins on the way, or go inland to watch the brown bears catch pawfuls of fresh fish in the white water creeks and rivers.


Canada does very little to sell itself as a destination because the images depicting the boundless natural landscapes speak for themselves; they draw travellers from far and wide seeking the great outdoors.

Canada is also a rich cultural melting pot with the French influence undoubtedly dominating and while most of the French-speaking region is based around Quebec, Canada in its entirety is officially a bilingual country. Its diversity both culturally and naturally makes it an excellent destination for any eco traveller.

Go kayaking with orcas off Vancouver Island, trek the Rockies to find feeding grizzly bears or stay in an environmentally-friendly ski chalet on the alpine slopes.

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