Ecotourism Honeymoons & Weddings


weddings.jpgIt’s no secret that weddings cost an absolute fortune; around $25,000 in the US and a whopping £17,500 ($34,000) in the UK. It’s a lucrative business and those who have already been through the various wedding preparations know that when people hear the ‘W’ word it’s a dead cert that the price of whatever you’re enquiring about, be it flowers or invitations, will be hiked up by an extortionate amount. And those involved in the industry think it’s perfectly acceptable to add on ridiculous prices to already overrated items in the misguided idea that because people are getting married they can afford it. Wrong. Few are lucky to have their parents pay for their weddings, or want them to pay. Women are more independent than ever before and so many prefer to finance their nuptials with their partners but this in no way means they have wads of disposable cash to spend on overpriced wedding regalia and petty trimmings.

Instead couples are getting personal. They’re breaking away from mainstream weddings, swapping white dresses, morning suits and churches for a day infused with their own beliefs and style. And because environmental issues are at the forefront of many people’s lives it’s impossible for some who are duly concerned for the future of the planet not to think of how they might go green on their big day.





honeymoons.jpgAnd then comes the best bit, the honeymoon. It’s the only reason people get married isn’t it?

Until recently, the only way to spend a honeymoon was being pampered by personal slaves in an extortionately expensive floating villa made from newly logged precious wood somewhere a million miles from civilization. The more elaborate and out of the way the better. Now, as with many things, people are reining in their extravagance and opting for more natural and meaningful honeymoons. And it’s a refreshing change.