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Local favorite: Monument Cafe in Georgetown, TX

The Monument Cafe is located right off of the very attractive courthouse square town center in Georgetown, Texas (just north of Austin.) It’s a restaurant that looks all curvy and Art Deco but was really purpose-built and is quite modern in sensibility, including free WiFi and with a “non-Flash website […]

Spain Travel News 06/29/2010

Spain introduces new airport security measuresMillions of British holidaymakers heading to Spain this summer are being told they could face long airport delays with the introduction of new security measures. Spain’s 15 Top Values for Travelers on a BudgetFodor’s Travel Guide has come up with a useful list of 15 […]

Family travel in Montana: the 50 state series

We took a long hiatus while I worked on my social media for tourism startup, but every week or so until we run out of states, I’ll be posting about family-friendly vacation ideas, attractions and events in each one of the US states plus the territories, taking input mostly from […]

A Sneak Peek of the Valencia Blog Trip

Four-wheel driving through rugged terrain, kayaking to deserted islands and checking in to a wellness clinic – bet you wouldn’t associate these activities to the notorious tourist-flooded beachtown of Benidorm. To the surprise of many including myself, those were exactly what I did during my recent blogtrip to the region […]

Peek behind the scenes with stingrays at SeaWorld

Breaking news…. ….stingrays have very soft little vacuum-cleaner mouths. I know this because when SeaWorld San Antonio hosted a group of Texas-based bloggers this past week, they took many of us on one of their educational tours (available to any visitor) to see some of the working areas of the park. […]