About Logue Sites

What good does it do the traveler to read about a restaurant or hotel that was awesome two years ago but today is terrible? Unlike traditional travel guides that are updated at best every few years, new information and accurate information is added to the logues daily. Logues helps the savvy traveler find the most up-to-date relevant travel information to make the best trip possible. Find the best hotel this month. Discover the hidden secrets that most travelers don’t know about.

With both written and visual images of places you can’t find in traditional travel guides, Logues can be searched quickly and accurately so that you can find the information that best fits your needs. You can also participate with immediate feedback and discussion.

Logues are freakin’ fun. Reading about a person’s travel adventures and experiences can sometimes be more enjoyable than actually going to a place.




Logues are part of the BootsnAll Travel Network, one of the largest online travel communities and publishers.