Beverly Hills


Beverly Hills was the first Los Angeles neighborhood popularized by a prime time soap opera and it’s the otherworldly affluence that brings people to this over-wealthy city on the north side of Los Angeles. Five car garages are common, large estates with their own security patrol are standard and the car in the driveway is almost assuredly a Mercedes or classier.

Businesses in LA set up satellite offices in Beverly Hills for “the prestigious zip code” and Beverly Hills was ostensibly the home of Barbie before she moved to Malibu. Gas in Beverly Hills is the most expensive in the nation and you won’t find anything here for less than the going rate.


Beverly Hills is home to some of the finest restaurants in Los Angeles and for travelers looking for the highest-end eateries the selection includes places like Spagos, Trader Vics and the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
A host of less expensive and more common restaurants are also available in the Beverly Hills area, although even the fast food has inflated prices.




Where to stay?

One of the most famous and most expensive hotels in Los Angeles, the Beverly Hilton lives up to its namesake by offering rooms with standard flat-screen TV’s, opaque glass bathroom walls and the finest amenities in the hotel industry. The glass spires rising up out of the hotel offer views that deserve the full price tag and the hotel sits atop Trader Vic’s, one of the chintziest restaurants in town.

For accommodations on the cheaper side, try the Wilshire Crest Inn. There aren’t any glass spires rising into the night sky or balconies looking out over tinsel town, but there are affordable rooms in a convenient location in the heart of Beverly Hills. Its rooms are none too glamorous, but as one of the most affordable hotels in the hoity toity Beverly Hills, it sells out quickly and should be reserved well ahead of time.

What to do?

Spend money. Or at least, act like you’ve got it. Whether your credit cards stacks up to the locals doesn’t matter as much as whether you can act like it does. Swiping plastic is so popular in Beverly Hills, one street like Rodeo Drive doesn’t fulfill the local population’s need for swank shopping. 2 Rodeo Drive now augments the pull of pricey products and tourists have more than made up for any dilution of commerce.

Other attractions in Beverly Hills include the Museum of Television and Radio, which celebrates the mediums that made most of the locals filthy rich and Mulholland Drive. The striking views of the city from the winding road running along the edge of the Hollywood hills and the Santa Monica mountains make for interesting sights and pictures that your friends and family might actually want to look at.

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