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Top 10 Ways for Families to Save on Travel in Europe

(This is a guest post by UK-based reader Ben Doyle of, about all sorts of ways to save on your family vacation to Europe. Thanks so much for contributing, Ben!) Top Ten Ways for Families to Save in Europe 1. Where and when to go is obviously the first […]

Summer in the City

Summer in New York City is not exactly idyllic. The temperatures tend to get quite high and before you know it, you’d rather stay inside with the AC turned on. But there are some good reasons locals choose to not leave the city during the summer and tourists choose to […]

Summer Music Festivals in Barcelona

Barcelona is the trendy and hip music capital of Spain, playing host to numerous music festivals through out the year. Its vibrant music scene, combined with a perfect summer’s setting, makes it the hottest staging ground in Spain. Thousands of concerts of all genres of music are held here every […]