Courtney Ries

Courtney “Tennis Court” Ries is the youngest brat of the BootsnAll bunch.

The midwest native was born in Milwaukee and moved all around the freezing cold Northern states before landing in Apple Valley, Minnesota, which, despite it’s name, has no apple trees. Tired of living in the ‘burbs half an hour out of ‘the city’, she went to school in Evanston, Illinois, a suburb that was physically closer but yet somehow demanded a longer commute into ‘the city.’

Inspired by friends with accents, Courtney ventured out of the country her freshman year of college and, much to her father’s chagrin, manged to slap and be-slapped by a trash-talking Frenchman on the subway. Hooked on travel and sick of the 21 drinking age, she went Down Under for a semester and finally got to live in the city, near Chinatown, Sydney. Court graduated from Northwestern University six months later with a piece of paper saying she knows what’s what with Broadcasting Journalism and Business. Daunted by the idea of going through hours of video footage to create a portfolio tape, she skipped out of the country and spent graduation day on a train to Nice.




Courtney returned from her solo R-T-W trip in October and after working a string of mentally taxing jobs as a secretary (with a title of Marketing Director), sales girl (Can I help you find anything?) and CD-case stuffer (No, honest) she road-tripped out to Portland to join BNA, managing to call AAA not once, but twice, in a period of five days. This Bootz gyrrrl hates asking for directions, doing her hair and spelling ‘girl’ like ‘gyrrrl.’