Cycle Africa – Around Kilimanjaro

This coming September, we are putting together a group to cycle around Mt. Kilimanjaro, designed as an encounter with the people, the environment and the wildlife of this famous mountain.

This trip is for active people who are comfortable exploring new cultures and environments. While not an extreme physical adventure, participation on the trip does require that you be physically fit, culturally adaptable and have some current experience riding a mountain bike off-road. On this trip, we will cover about 20 miles per day on our bikes, in order to complete a 100 mile circumnavigation of the mountain in about 5 days of riding. Although we only need to ride 20 miles per day, hard riders can cover the distance and then go off exploring as much as they like.

On the trip, we will be supported by a full camp crew and two dedicated support vehicles with on-board radio communication. Riders will be in regular radio contact with the support vehicles, one of which will follow behind. Those that wish to take an occasional break from riding will have the option of riding in the support vehicles.




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Contact donovan at Bootsnall dot com for more information.