Don’t forget sunblock and sunglasses

Two crucial items that most people forget on Mt. Kilimanjaro is a sun block and sun glasses, both of which are imperative for not only having a good time, but also not damaging your eyes and your skin. The higher on the mountain, usually the last two to three days, the more intense the ultra-violet radiation can affect and the more important it’s to have the right protection, especially if the sun is out. Even if the sun isn’t present, you can still get a “cloud burn” and all the damage listed below.

Do not forget to bring sunglasses glasses with some of the highest level of UV and IR protection – under the most extreme sunlight conditions in mountain environment. People who haven’t used this in the past have essentially burned their eyes and not been able to close them for a few days. It’s very painful and can damage your vision.




If you encounter sun anywhere on Kilimanjaro, even on the first day, it’s important to put sun block on EVERY area exposed to UV light. This incluces the back of your neck, the back of your ears, the back of your legs. Quite often, people put all the sunblock in the key areas, like arms, faces, etc, but forget about those little areas – like the ears – and endup burning them to the point of blistering.