Tanzania Tour Operators

Here is a list of many of the tour operators in Tanzania, some which are great, and others which are awful. This is by no means the entire list, as many are added and subtracted every year depending upon if they stay in business. Some of these companies only have a few groups per year and others do hundreds per month. Some of these companies only specialize in Mt. Kilimanjaro, others specialize in just Zanzibar.

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A Tent with a View Safaris
Jmt African Heart Expeditions ltd
Scan-tan Tours ltd
Abercrombie & Kent (t) ltd
Karibu Africa Safaris ltd
Sematango Tours & Safaris ltd
African Environment ltd
Kearsley (t) ltd
Serengeti Select Safaris ltd
African Outdoor Expeditions inc
Ker & Downey Safaris (t) ltd
Shades of Africa ltd
African Trails ltd
Leys Hotels ltd
Shidolya Tours & Safaris ltd
African Amazing Adventures
Kibo Guides (t) ltd
Simba Safaris
Ahsante Tours & Safaris co. ltd
Kigongoni Lodge ltd
Skylink Travel ltd
Air Excel ltd
Kiliwarrior Expeditions ltd
Sleep Inn Hotel ltd
Amazing Tanzania
Kilimanjaro Holiday Camp (t) ltd
Snow Cap Mt. Climbing
Anderson’s Africa Adventures
Kilimanjaro Crown Bird
Sokwe Camp limited
Antelope Safaris co. ltd
Kindoroko Hotel
Sopa Lodges
Authentic Tanzania
Kisima Ngeda Tented Camp
Summit Expedition & Nomadic Experience inc
Avocet Tanzania Safaris ltd
Klub Afriko Company ltd
Sunny Safaris ltd
Base Campsite ltd
Kortland & Ross Safaris ltd
Swala Safaris ltd
Bluebay Beach Resort
Kudu Safaris ltd
Takims Holiday Tours & Safaris ltd
Bobby Camping Safaris
Latitude (tz) ltd
Tandala Expedition
Bobby Tours & Safaris
Leopard Tours ltd
Tanganyika Film Safaris Outfitters
Chimpanzee Safaris
Lukuba Island Lodge
Tanzania Big Game Safaris
Classic Tours Safaris
Mali Hai Club Tanzania
Tanzania Outfitters & Safaris ltd
Coastal Travel ltd
Marangu Hotel ltd
Tanzania Photographic Tours & Safaris ltd
Comfort Holidays ltd
Masumin’s Tours & Safaris ltd
Tanzania Private Select
Conservation Corporation Africa
Mauly Tours & Safaris
Tanzania Rift Valley Tours
Corto Limited
Meat King ltd
Tanzania (2000) Adventure ltd
Cultural & Wildlife Safaris
Meru Simba Lodge ltd
Tanzania Serengeti Adventure
Danny Mccallum Safaris ltd
Mk Safaris
Tanzania Tourist Board
Dik Dik ltd. Hotel – Safaris
Moivaro Invest. & Trading co. ltd
Tanzannature Tours & Safaris ltd
Discover Tanzania Safaris
Mount Kilimanjaro Safari Club
The African Walking co. ltd
Dorobo Tours & Safaris
Multchoice Safaris ltd
The Arusha Hotel
Duma Expeditions ltd
Naipenda Safaris ltd
The Plantation Lodge and Safaris ltd
Duma Explorer ltd
Nameera ltd.
Ngurdoto lodge
The Safari Company ltd
Easy Travel & Tours
Nature Beauties Safaris ltd
The tides — Kisima Ngeda Tours & Hotel ltd
Equestrian Safaris
Nature Discovery ltd
Thomson Safaris
Eunoto Retreat Lodge
Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge ltd
Tourism Promotion Services (t) ltd
Firelight Safaris ltd
Ngorongoro Adventures ltd
Tropical Trails — Wildernes Trails ltd
Fortes Safaris
Nomad Tanzania ltd
Ultimate Safaris ltd
Foxtrot Charlie ltd
Njake Hotels & Tours ltd
V.I.P Safari Club ltd
Flycatcher Safaris
Olivers Camp ltd
Walkgard Westland Hotel & Tours ltd
Friends of Safaris & Tours (t) ltd
Parks Adventure limited
Warner Safaris ltd
Fun Safaris ltd
Peacock Tours & Safaris ltd
Wengert Windrose Safaris (t) ltd.
George Mavroudis Safaris
Precision Air Services
Wildersun Safaris & Tours (t) ltd
Golden Rose Hotel (travel & tours)
Poa Service Company ltd
Wildlife Explorer ltd
Good Earth Safaris & Tours ltd
Pure Afro Travels ltd
Wild Frontiers Tanzania
Green Foot Prints Adventures
Ranger Safaris ltd.
Wildlife Expeditions Safaris (t) ltd
Grumeti Reserves ltd
Regional Air Services
Wild Things ltd
G.M. Tanzania (gane & marshall (t) ltd
Rivertrees ltd
Wonder of Creation Tours
H & A Unique Safaris (2002) ltd
Robin Hurt Safaris (t) ltd
W.S. Safaris ltd
Hoopoe Safaris (t) ltd
Roy Safaris limited
Zanzibar Beach Resort
Intimate Places ltd
Rumangabo International ltd
Zara International Travel Agency
J.M. Tours Safaris
Safari Images Limited
Zanzibar Gallery
J.M.T. ltd (serengeti balloon safaris)
Safari Makers ltd
Zenith Tours & Travel ltd
Japan Tanzania Tours ltd
Safaris & Leisure (t) ltd