Should you use trekking poles? Can you rent gear in Moshi? Are gaiters good to have? All these questions and more can be answered in the Kilimanjaro Gear section.

Adventure Planning: Last Minute Shopping

Our flight leaves tomorrow for Florida, then it’s on to Cancun, our jumping off point for the great Central American Honeymoon Adventure of 2007. Today was a day for last-minute shopping. So what were the things we almost forgot but couldn’t do with out? I wish somebody would ave posted […]

AL Best of 2006 – Top 10 Readers’ Choice

The most popular item on Google News was “Paris Hilton” this year, but here at Adventure Logue, our readers’ have slightly ok, vastly different interests. Here’s the posts that you all seemed most interested in during 2006: 10. The Ultimate Adventure Itinerary? Top 10 bars of the world 9. Rescue […]

Mount Hood Search off / Backcountry safety

An Oregon sheriff has officially called off the Mount Hood search for those missing climbers. One body was recovered earlier this week. This sad ending should serve as a reminder to us all about the very real dangers we’re staring in the face in our travels. I’m sure many of […]

Kilimanjaro Eye-Wear

If you have contacts, glasses, or are concerned about what kind of eye-wear to use on Mount Kilimanjaro, you should read this post in the Kilimanjaro Forums. Two previous climbers, both of who have climbed Kilimanjaro, offers some insight into polarized sun glasses and contact lenses. Read Kilimanjaro Post

A look inside my backpack – 6 month trip

So you’ve got 6 months and a round-the-world ticket. The glaring question is obvious: What are you going to pack? The answer: As little as possible. Over 6 months, you’re likely to see lots of different climates and conditions, so it’s impossible to bring everything you’ll need. It’s inevitable that […]