Candid opinions about anything that deals with climbing on Kilimanjaro

Marangu Route on Kilimanjaro – April & May

95 percent of the people who call me about climbing Kilimanjaro rarely have plans to climb the Marangu route. The reason is, the Marangu route is super easy – a gentle hike, you sleep inside huts with loads of other people, and it “generally” caters to someone who wants to […]

Climb For A Cause – Kilimanjaro

Over the years, I have seen hundreds of people climb Kilimanjaro for certain causes. Whether it’s to raise awareness for “Aids/HIV awareness, homelessness, leukemia, cancer research, blindness, Darfur, exploited children, multiple sclerosis, orphans, etc,” I probably read of a new cause every other week. Don’t get me wrong – it’s […]

Shira Camp Rescue

I received another phone call today from two clients on Shira Camp on Mount Kilimanjaro. Apparently the 15 year old boy, with his father, is having trouble on the mountain. He is tired, has a headache, and they have been trekking through the rain for eight hours. They will probably […]