We have collected a handful of good links, pictures, movies -and other resources – to help you on the mountain.

Home Away From Home: Your Country’s Embassy Abroad

Wherever you go, there it is…kind of. When I heard about a compact resource which Chris at Bootsnall’s London travel guide had put together for London visitors, I realized I had never even really touched on this topic: your country’s embassies abroad. I’m sure each country’s embassies have different services, […]

Online Language Learning: The Loquella Language Tool

Lots of us espouse the value of learning the local language…but this is much easier said than done. Most language teachers will agree that the best way to become proficient in a language is to take a course and then actually use that language with native speakers, ideally ones who […]

Cool TEFL Blog: A Foreign Perspective

I’ve started following a blog called A Foreign Perspective, whose “owner” has been living in Adana, Turkey, for about three years now and teaching English. He is perhaps not your typical English teacher, in part because he’s been in the same location for a length of time (I think the […]

TEFL Video Resource: YourSkool

You may remember the TEFL Logue interview with Thom Kiddle (and if not, you’re getting old, it was less than two weeks ago!) where he mentioned one of the online projects he’s involved in: YourSkool, a video sharing site for schools. Current videos range from conference excerpts to three-headed elephants, […]