We have collected a handful of good links, pictures, movies -and other resources – to help you on the mountain.

Online Resource: Cutting Edge Companion Website

Via the Longman site, the Cutting Edge companion website allows teachers or students to select a level and find quizzes and other resources that fit with the theme in the book. You can find links romantic love letters on the web in Intermediate Module One, as well as links to […]

TEFL Logue Review: Oxford University Press Teachers’ Club

I’ll admit it: sometimes I make fun of Headway. But I also sometimes teach from Headway — sometimes by choice — and it’s not a bad book. Following Sue’s comment on my post about tapescripts a few weeks ago, I decided to have a look around the Oxford University Press […]

Elementary Level E-book Available At Grammarman Comic

If you’ve been lamenting the fact that you don’t live in one of the cities where Grammarman appears in the English language newspaper, and you’ve already checked out the episodes of Grammarman available online, there’s a new arrival: an e-book for elementary readers featuring Grammarman in yet another adventure: Dial […]

Resource: Larry Ferlazzo’s “Website Of The Day” Blog

Recently I stumbled across Larry Ferlazzo’s Website Of The Day For Teaching ELL, ESL & EFL and was impressed with the collection of resources available on his English for beginners/lower intermediate page. As it’s a blog dedicated to “websites of the day”, the main component of it is obviously links […]

Webquest At Get Your EFL Students To Create Their Own Comics

Do you need a project to keep your kids’ class busy til the term ends? My own experience teaching kids is rather limited, but it’s not hard to notice that kids everywhere like drawing and cartoons. Exploit this natural interest and use English in the process with the comic-creating Webquest: […]