Kilimanjaro Packing List

Here is the new updated packing list for climbing Kilimanjaro. Obviously you can make changes on this packing list to suite your needs, but this is general overview of most everything you should have.

– 2 synthetic shirts, long sleeve
– 2 synthetic t-shirts
– 2 pairs of synthetic hiking shorts
– 1 pair of synthetic trekking pants
– 1 pair of warmer hiking pants
– 1 or 2 pairs of fleece long underwear/ trousers
– 1 pair of leg gaiters
– 1 pair of socks per trekking day, with at least 2 pairs of lighter (synthetic) socks and 3 pairs of heavy wool/synthetic blend
– 1 pair of underwear per day
– 1 warm fleece jacket
– 1 goretex rain/wind shell
– 1 pair of goretex rain/wind pants
– 1 poncho
– 1 fleece sweater
– 1 pair of fleece glove liners.
– 1 pair of cold weather gloves or mittens
– 1 pair of light windproof gloves
– 1 warm hat
– 1 sun hat
– 1 balaclava
– 1 pair trekking boots (medium weight, waterproof)
– 1 pair of walking/camp shoes
– 1 pair UV-blocking sunglasses with side-gussets

Other Equipment
– 1 soft (no hard frame or wheels) duffel bag or backpack (porters will carry)
– 1 daypack
– Plastic bags of different sizes (to protect clothes against rain)
– 1 warm mountain sleeping bag (10 degree rated (F))
– 2 trekking poles — highly recommended
– 1 head lamp (with extra batteries and light bulb)
– 1 emergency foil blanket
– 1 pocket knife
– 3 One-liter water bottles, or substitute with hydration pack
– Sun block. We suggest the highest possible SPF rating
– Water purification tablets / or filter/pump. We recommend tablets as the best and most fool-proof way to purify water.
– 2 bandanas

First Aid Kit
Your first-aid kit should include the following:
-Blister bandages /mole-skin
-Small bandages (band-aids)
-Elasticised support bandage (ace-wrap)
-Safety pins
-Small pair of scissors




Medicines in your first aid kit should be discussed with your physician, and should include addressing the following:
-Analgesics (pain killers); Acetaminophen (ie. Tylenol), Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Vidocin*
-Anti-Allergy; Hydrocortizone (ointment), Diphenhydramine hydrochloride (oral anti-histamine)(ie: Sudafed); Epinephrine*
-Antibiotics; Bacitracin (ointment), Erythromycin*, Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride* (Cipro)
-Antacids; Bismuth sabsalicylate (ie. Pepto-Bismol)
-Anti-Diarrhea; Loperamide hydrochloride (ie. Immodium), Tinidazole*
-Anti-Emetics (anti-vomiting); Prochlorperazine*, Promethazine*
-Anti-Vertigo (anti-motion sickness); Meclizine*, Scopolamine*
-Altitude illness medicine ; Acetazolamide* (diamox), Dexamethazone*, Nifedipine*
-Sterile eye drops
-Anti-malarial prophylaxis medicine*

* Prescription medicines

This was last updated November 21.