Marisa Umsawasdi

An adventure nut by nature — you’ll likely find me scaling rocks, abseiling down glacier-melt waterfalls, rafting in frigid waters, jumping out of planes, hanggliding over picturesque shark infested waters, kayaking past dolphins…and for the latest adventure, summitting Mt. Kilimanjaro! Hopefully… Yes, I love adventure and am an adrenaline junkie. But I’ll probably be the one panting and crawling my way all the way up the mountain.

In a nutshell, I was born in Bangkok, Thailand and grew up in Texas, but I’m not a typical Texan. I’m a former tech worker turned artisan when I realized that life is more important to live happily than stressed 24/7. At home, I am a busy bee making things — sewing, fabricating, knitting, crocheting, DIY’ing — anything from clothes, purses, jewelry, scarves, hats, to whatever my imagination wishes. I am also an avid rock climber, although nowhere near being anything to brag about…but I just love the sport!

Sean and I will be making this journey together. He’ll beat me up the mountain, for sure. But when we summit, we’ll be celebrating 5 years together. Yup, New Years Day is our anniversary. I expect a grand
celebration and lots of presents.