Medical Insurance For Kilimanjaro

Almost all mountaineering companies make you get some sort of medical insurance for your climb up Kilimanjaro. If you don’t have any medical insurance that will cover you climbing a mountain, in a different country, then it’s best you shop for a policy in case something happens. Plus, most foreign companies will not take you up the mountain, unless you can provide proof of insurance. I am sure there are some local companies in Tanzania that don’t care if you have insurance, but that’s a risk you choose to take.

When you shop for insurance policies, most insurers will give you some expensive policy, if you tell them you are climbing one of the highest mountains in the world. But the important thing to consider on a Kilimanjaro trip is that you are NOT “using ropes.” You are basically walking to the top of the mountain, like a hike. This means, you are not tieing into other people, scaling rocks with ropes, or using any types of special instruments. Therefore this trip falls into another classification, almost like trekking. There are basic insurance policies that will cover you on Mt. Kilimanjaro that aren’t very expensive – in fact, they are downright cheap.

BootsnAll Travel Network’s Patriot International will cover you while you hike on the mountain. With a minimum of 10 days, a typical policy with Patriot International that covers your medical expenses up to $1 million is about $25. That’s a great price to pay for an adventerous trip up into the mountains at high altitudes.




As always, before you buy any policy, read through the fine details and make sure it’s the exact coverage you are looking for.