NASA Kilimanjaro Satellite Photos

The last few years, more and more people have been noticing that Kilimanjaro’s glaciers are melting fast. Why? Depending upon who you ask, most say it’s a result of global warming, deforestation and new weather trends. Western-based scientists claims that the glaciers will be gone by about 2020, although no one knows for sure.

If global warming is in fact true, this will eventually happen on other mountains in the world over time. The reason Kilimanjaro is one of the first recognizable mountains to melt is that subtle changes in the atmosphere will affect things in equatorial areas first. Kilimanjaro is just eight degrees south of the equator.

My biggest concern is that Kilimanjaro is a huge water source for hundreds of thousands of people throughout the country. It’s a source of life, helping people to water their needed crops which supply them with food throughout the year.

Here are a couple interesting pictures taken from NASA’s space station.




Recent photos of Kili

Melting Snows of Kili