Kilimanjaro Airport

The Kilimanjaro Airport is about 45 minutes to 1 hour away from Moshi, the town at the base of Kilimanjaro. It’s about 30 minutes from Arusha, the safari headquarters of Tanzania. f you arrange your safari or Kilimanjaro climb in advance, the outfitter will pick you up and transfer you into town or to your hotel. The trail entrance to Marangu and Machame are about 1 hour away from Moshi, up into the foothills of Kilimanjaro.

In the Kilimanjaro Airport, you can arrange your visa on arrival (always doublecheck), exchange money, buy souvenirs and even get some food (and beers) in their one restaurant. If your are a traveler that doesn’t have anything arranged in advance, there are a few private buses that will take you into Moshi or Arusha. Since there aren’t any local buses, unless you walk about five miles out to the main road, these private buses charge you anywhere from $20 to $40. If you could find a taxi, which there usually are not any there, you might be able to arrange a trip for $15, if you are lucky.