Organizing a Climb in Tanzania

If you plan to organize a climb up Kilimanjaro when you arrive in Tanzania, it’s best to go to the cities or villages where most of the climbing is organized. Usually the best places to organize a climb are from Moshi or Marangu, which are both at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. Of course, anywhere else in Tanzania, you can arrange a climb, in places like Arusha (safari capital), Nairobi, or Dar es Salaam;

However, most of the companies in these destinations partner with other companies are not involved in the climbing process. Obviously there are some companies in, say, Arusha that organize climbs, but in general, these companies usually partner with other mountain companies in Moshi, Marangu or Machame.




So if you want to skip the middlemen, and maybe get a better rate, head to one of these places and take your time to shop around, meet the guides, and see if they are the right person for you.