Shuttle Service from Dar es Salaam

There are countless daily departures from Dar es Salaam’s main bus station, Ubungo, to Moshi and Arusha – the Kilimanjaro region. If you are going to Northern Tanzania, and want the best form of bus transportation, you should take the Scandinavian bus lines. Tickets are between $15 -$20 per person, and offer a relaxing bus journey with air conditioning, drinks and bad American movies. This is the safest, most reliable, bus line in Tanzania.

When you purchase your tickets from Scandinavian bus lines, you can purchase at their own terminal on Nyerere Rd. in Dar es Salaam or you can purchase tickets at the Ubungo bus station. It’s calmer and less chaotic if you purchase your ticket from their head office. If you purchase from the bus station, you do not need to go inside Ubungo bus station, only purchase tickets on the outside of the gates. Make sure you go into the correct office, as many people try to sell you tickets from other bus lines.

Purchase your tickets a few days in advance to guarantee reservations — and arrive 30 minutes before you bus departs. You can buy tickets the day of departure, but often times the bus is full. They usually have 3 departures per day to Northern Tanzania.




The bus will stop once during the day – for restroom and food breaks.

Here is Scandinavian’s bus departure times from Dar es Salaam.