Price Increase

Prices are continuing to go up in Tanzania. I just saw some of the 2006 base rate prices and it’s astronomical how much more people will have to pay to climb the mountain. These fees will typical increase a climb by about $250 per person. For all the poor backpackers out there, you have to really want to climb Kilimanjaro to justify spending this kind of money.

Tanzania to raise entry fees in Kilimanjaro and Serengeti

After months of hot debate over new park entry fees to Tanzania’s two famous tourist parks, Tanzania National Parks authority has issued hiked rates to foreign tourists climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and those visiting Africa’s famous Serengeti National Park.

The disputed park entry fees to be enforced on the first day of 2006 are US$60 for Mount Kilimanjaro climbers and US$50 to be charged from photographic safari visitors to the Serengeti National Park.




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