Rain Gear in the Dry Season?

In the official two best-times-to-climb “dry seasons” on Mt. Kilimanjaro, many people wonder if you should you still bring rain gear?

This is a good question, as a number of people think that the dry season means it will be nice and dry all the way up the mountain. While this is true for much of the lowlands around Kilimanjaro, the dry season up on the mountain doesn’t always hold true. Mountains are subject to intense weather changes and pattens. That said, even in the middle of the summer, Kilimanjaro can get the occasional snow storm, rain storm and thunder storm. So yes, you should bring rain gear if you are climbing in the dry season, unless you want to be soaked and miserable for seven days.




This doesn’t mean that you have to change your entire wardrobe, it just means you should have the necessary gear to confront all elements of weather on the mountain. Always prepare for the worst.