Safari First or Climb First?

When many people come to Tanzania, they usually want to go on safari, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, and then go to Zanzibar. But many people are confused on the best way to approach this. Should you go to Zanzibar first, go on safari, and then climb the mountain? What is the best way to accomplish all three things?

There actually is a pretty good, sensible method to this. The best thing to do first is climb the mountain. If you are arriving from Nairobi or Kilimanjaro Airport, this is your best bet. This climb will take the most energy, the most time, and it’s important to be strong and physically and mentally ready for this when you arrive.

After climbing the mountain, you will be very soar, to the point where you don’t really want to walk. This makes perfect time to go on a safari. While in the Land Rover, you can just sit back, look at the animals through the binoculars, and enjoy being chauffeured around the national parks. Your legs will have time to get better.




During your safari, especially in places like the Serengeti, it will usually be hot – very hot. After spending a week riding down dusty roads in hot weather, you will be ready for the beach. Once you get back into Moshi or Arusha, jump on a bus, or a plane to Zanzibar.

On Zanzibar, you will be relaxed from your Kili climb, will have seen loads of animals on safari, and now will be ready to relax and enjoy the Indian Ocean while sipping the famous Kilimanjaro beer.