Machame Route

Day 1 : Arrival in Tanzania
You will be picked up with our representative from Kilimanjaro International airport and taken to the hotel where you will spend a night before the climb begins on the next day. You will have the opportunity to go over any last minute questions. At this point you will also have the chance to leave a bag behind with anything you don’t need on the trek. Your left-behind gear will be secured at the storage room and will meet you as soon as you back from Mt. Kilimanjaro. Stay overnight at hotel.

Machame Route
Day 2: Machame Gate to Machame Hut (9,300’)

Hike time: 7.5 hrs, Elevation change: +1200 M
Estimated distance: 10km, Final elevation: 3100 M

Early pick-up at the Buffalo hotel and a 40-minute drive to Machame gate (5,400’) where trekking preparations take about 30 minutes. From the gate, we begin our trek following an easy track for the first hour through the dense forest. The path continues to follow the ridge, rising steadily with several steep sections. The gradient eases slightly as the forest merges into heather covered ground we will reach Machame Hut in 10 km (6.2 miles) after a 1,200-meter (3,936’) ascent and 5-7 hours of walking.

Day 3: Machame Hut to Shira Hut (12,300’)
Hike time: 7 hrs, Elevation change: +800 M
Estimated distance: 6km, Final elevation: 3800 M

From the Machame Hut, we cross the stream onto its west bank and follow the path up the steep rocky ridge – criss-crossing a few times before reaching Shira Hut at the base of a semi-circular wall of rocks. We will have ascended 900 meters (3,000’) in 5-7 hours and about 6 km (3.72 miles) of walking.

Day 4: Shira Hut to Barranco Hut (12,800’)
Hike time: 5 hrs, Elevation change: +100 M
Final elevation: 3900 M




From Shira Hut, we hike to Lava Tower (15,000’) and then proceed to Barranco via the Great Barranco Wall. This route offers panoramic views of Kibo peak through Karanga Valley as we hike high and sleep low, dropping back down to Barranco after lunch. Today’s hike will take most of the day. Barranco campsite located on elevation of 12,800.

Day 5: Barranco Hut to Karanga Valley (14,800’)

Hike time: 4.0 to 5 hrs, Elevation change: +100 M
Estimated distance: 4km, Maximum elevation: 4590 M
Final elevation: 4000 M

From Barranco Hut, we climb up through the edge of great Barranco. 95 percentage of the walking today will be on elevation of 4250m. We will break our day at Karanga valley campsite at elevation of 4,000m.

Day 6: Karanga Valley to Barafu Hut (15,091’)
Hike time: 4.0 to6 hours hrs, Elevation change: +600 M
Estimated distance: 4km, Final elevation: 4600 M
Today involves gaining a little more elevation, acclimatizing and resting for the summit attempt on the next morning.

Day 7: High Camp to the Summit (19,343’) and then Mweka Camp (10,500’)
Summit time: 7 hrs, Elevation change: +1300 M
Estimated distance: 5km, Final elevation: 5895 M
Descent time: 5 hrs, Elevation change: -2800M
Estimated distance: 12km, Final elevation: 3100 M

We will start trekking early before sunrise (1-2 am) as the walk today will take 10-14 + hours. We will try to avoid the mist that sets in later in the day. The 1,100-meter (3,600’) ascent in just over 3 km (1.86 miles) will take us about 6-8 hours, as we try to reach the summit to watch the sunrise over the Great Rift Valley.

After a brief stay at the summit of the highest point in Africa, Uhuru Peak, at over 5,898 meters (19,340′), we descend via the Barafu Route roughly 2,500 meters (8,200’) in 12 km (7.44 miles) in about 4-7 hours to Mweka Camp.

When you come to camp tonight, you will be completey exhausted and ready to eat and then sleep!

Day 8: Mweka Hut to Mweka Gate (6,000’)
Descent time: 4 hrs, Elevation change: -1250M
Estimated distance: 10km, Final elevation: 1828 M
Today we descend about 1400 meters (4,592’) through the forest on a jungle path for about 10 km (6.2 miles) in 3-4 hours to reach Mweka Gate by mid-afternoon. Our guides will transfer you to your hotel for an overnight stay.