Stuck in Nairobi

Nairobi was once a grand city – and by some accounts, it still it. It has great history, an educated work force, some old world architecture, access to game parks, and is a extremely lively mix of the old world, the new world, and a lot of chaos.

Although crime and poverty are rampant, and the city has some security issues, if you can look pass the mess and shanty towns, there are a few interesting things to check out in the city. Take a taxi, always take a taxi at night, and keep your wits about you. Most people going to Kilimanjaro only use Nairobi has a transfer point to get to Tanzania. If you decide to check it out, here is where you can go.

The City Market with fresh produce, curio shops (with different cultural items from 41 different communities) and different types of African foods “all under one roof.” It’s a typical African market – crazy, chaotic, but full of energy and life.

The Norfolk Hotel was a colonial hotel, being the oldest in the city. It’s famous for when where former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt set out on an hunting safari with a record of 600 porters in 1930.

The Stanley Hotel was built almost the same time with the City of Nairobi. Travelers used to flock it and leave messages pined on the thorn tree telling there colleagues where they have gone.




The Railway Station & Railway Museum one is able to see the old locomotives that are said to be some of the first steam engines.

The National Museum and Snake Park has history about the Leakey’s, their discoveriies, and also the history of mankind, Africa and other animals. You can learn and see different types of snakes, both poisonous and non poisonous.

The Bomas of Kenya
is area where different tribes of Kenya as it comprises of 41 different communities with different cultures.

The Giraffe Centre is a sanctuary where one has the chance to feed
the rare and endangered Rothschild Giraffes. It was started to protect the few that have been left in the country

The famous Carnivore Restaurant has the best tasting of wild game meat, as its popularly is known by locals who say “Let’s ‘MEET’ at the Carnivore”. It’s vey expensive!

The Animal Orphanage was started to care for orphaned young animals. It was started by Dutch school children who raised money after witnessing some orphaned animals in the wilderness.