Travel Insurance for Kilimanjaro

The subject of travel insurance can easily slip to the bottom of the priority list in the your planning for a Kilimanjaro climb, but travel anywhere carries risk, and in particular in the developing world where standards of health, safety and response may not be as exacting as they would be at home.

Tanzania enjoys a relatively high standard of health care and emergency response, and the search and rescue procedures mandated by KINAPA on the mountain are also surprisingly comprehensive. However it pays to prepare for every eventuality, and BootsnAll offers a broad range of travel insurance options to do thi. For Kilimanjaro we recommend:




Travel Medical Insurance

This type of policy is meant to cover any medical expenses you might have while outside your home country. Many Americans in particular have no health insurance at all even when at home, but even those who do are often not covered when traveling. It’s worth checking into your own situation well before you leave because Kilimanjaro is not exactly the safest place you are likely to go.

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