When to Go

The most common question for climbing Kilimanjaro is the best time to go?

In very, very general terms, the best season is usually from December through February. From March through May is the wet season, when it rains, and rains, and rains for 3 months and from valley below, you rarely see the mountain. The next best dry season is from June through September. After September, there are short rains in October and November.

Okay, now I have explained the general guideslines for planning your trip, please take the following into considerations.

1. This is one of the tallest mountains in the world and is highly subject to weather changes. I have seen it snow on the mountain in the middle of the dry season. I have also seen in completely beautiful in the middle of the rainy season. Come prepared to hike in the dry season with cold weather rainy clothes.




2. Be prepared for bad weather always. The mountain is usually clear in the morning and at sunset but covered by clouds during the day.

3. Quite often, your first two or three days will be in the rain, but then you can get above the clouds.

4. I have seen groups hike in the rain for their entire trip, having a solid week of rain. Be prepared to get very wet and deal with heavy mud at the beginning of the Machame Route. Treking poles are recommended.

As long as you come prepared with the right rain gear AND have the ability and patience to walk in the rain for one week, then you will have a great trip. Many people, even guides, bring umbrellas on the trip.