Worst Christmas Ever

About four years ago, BootsnAll Travel Network published a story by Robert Geier, who wrote a poignant story about his tragic experiences on Mt. Kilimanjaro and in Kenya and Tanzania. This story is a bit sad, kind of funny, part truth, part embellished perspective from his limited time in Tanzania. In his intro, Robert says “I’m back from the Africa, having conquered its tallest peak, survived its beggars and thieves, been ripped off, and spent much more than I wanted to. I can definitely say I had the worst Christmas ever.”

When you read this story, I want to stress that some of this is true. But having only spent a few days in the countries, his perspective is a bit schewed as he hasn’t interacted with many locals or taken a step outside and away from the tourist areas. He paid for a very budget trip, and got a very budget experience. You can have great experiences in Tanzania on a budget, the key is to step outside the well-worn tourist routes and try to meet some local people.




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