Cities & Regions New Zealand

New Zealand is a former British colony located in the South Pacific Ocean. The majority of population is of European descent but the Maori minority is quite significant.

New Zealand consists of two major islands and several smaller ones.

North Island

The North Island is home to beautiful beaches, lush forests, active volcanoes, all creating very interesting scenery. The most important towns on North Island are Auckland and Wellington.

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Auckland is the “City of Sails” and mixes nicely the vibrant city atmosphere with the relaxing beaches, shopping experience and the surrounding islands. No matter what you like to do, you won’t get bored here!

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Wellington is New Zealand’s capital, well known for the windy weather, culture, nightlife and passion for food. Visit one of the look-out points surrounding the city to take the best photos ever!

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South Island

The South Island is the less inhabited part of New Zealand, with spectacular fjords, mountains, forests, glaciers and beautiful beaches. It’s a heaven for adventure lovers but also home to the oldest city in New Zealand.

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Stewart Island

Stewart Island is a forested paradise where you can see a lot of native wildlife and the only place in the world where you can admire the kiwi bird sun-bathing on beach.

Chatman Islands

The Chatman Islands are home to rear birds and plants. The islands are of volcanic origin and the transport to the island is restricted: you can only board a flight if you can prove you have confirmed accommodation and transport on the islands.

Sub-Antarctic Islands

These islands are reserved for scientists. Due to their remoteness the islands are now wildlife preserves.