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Travel With Kids: Myths About Family Travel

Here are some good thoughts about the myths of family travel from Teresa Plowright, the Guide at’s section Travel with Kids. She’s sure right about estimated times for driving certain distances; sometimes it’s no sweat getting there, and other times it feels like you stop every 30 minutes for one crisis or […]

Family Travel: Take the Kids to Hong Kong

I recently had the opportunity to take my daughter to Hong Kong; it’s my favorite city in the world since I made my first Navy port visit there in 1985. I’ve seen it before and after the vaunted turnover to the Chinese, and it’s still the same sparkling, colorful urban […]

What the Heck’s an RSS Feed & Why Do You Want One?

Allow me to veer off into techie stuff for a moment, but only to change your online life entirely…. To keep up with the latest postings in Family Travel: See The World With Your Kids, you need RSS (Really Simple Syndication) unless you don’t mind manually coming back to this blog each day […]

Smuggle Beer

This guy has a keg under his shirt This is one of the most daring yet brilliant beer smuggling inventions. It’s called the Beer Belly. You can smuggle beer into sporting events, inside a bag under your shirt that looks like your stomach. It’s camoflauged into your “natural gut”. While […]