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Village View by Media

Wherever we travel in Indonesia it is imperative to keep an open mind and an objective point of view and not judge people just because they are poorer and have less than perhaps you as a tourist. You will find this when you travel outside of the tourist islands and […]

Bookshops in Jakarta: West Java

The bookshelves I have at home are full to the brim, books are stacked on the floor and my desk, my office looking more like a library!. I enjoy reading books and buying them much to annoyance of my wife who would probably prefer I spent the money on other […]

Family fun in central Colorado

                      This is a guest post by Linda Walsh, who runs the Family Travel Gear Web site and online store.  We have to test our family travel products every month, and are “forced” to explore our wonderful state of Colorado with our 3 little kids (ages 2, 5 and 6.) Some of […]

Dining Etiquette

When I wrote ‘dining etiquette’ I wasn’t referring to fancy restaurants but more like when you are eating in general with the locals of whatever island you are travelling in and using your hands. Of course in the popular tourist islands of Bali and Lombok people usually eat with knives […]

World Wide Fund for Nature Warns Indonesia

It’s a scary fact that global warming is as prevalent and posts more of a threat to our existence than it has ever been before. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) warned that the impact of global warming is already evident in Indonesia and would likely worsen. The combination […]