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“April Mop” History

It’s that silly day again today where pranksters in their thousands play practical jokes on other people in the western world – April Fools Day. Two of the best pranksters I know of are Sean and Chris of BootsnAll Travel Company. Over the years, they have ‘April Fooled’ thousands of […]

Batak Mythology

I am always delighted to see starlit skies. Indonesians are blessed because our country is positioned in such a way we can enjoy a clear night sky. Every night we can enjoy the complexity of the cosmos’s ecosystem and the brilliant array of the starry equatorial sky. I often sit […]

Your savior on long car trips

Yes, we buckled under and got a backseat DVD player in our minivan….so shoot me for not playing the License Plate Game and other more creative car games, but boy does a movie keep the squabbling siblings quiet! The only problem is that too many hours of looking at a […]

Bali International Fashion Week

I have never been one for fashion and much prefer to buy what feels comfortable and durable. It always amazes me how certain people in society just have to have the latest fashions even if the style only lasts a couple of months!. But, that’s a matter of lifestyle choice. […]

Updated List of Embassies: Jakarta, West Java

Whenever you are in a spot of trouble on your holidays in Indonesia and in need of an embassy or consulate, then it really is essential you make a note of where the places are for your home country, or, you might need passport assistance. A majority of these embassies […]

Sumatran Tiger Population Depleted: Sumatra

The population of the Sumatran Tiger (Phantera Tigris Sumaterae) in the Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS) has continued to decline, a foreign nature conservation worker said. The tiger population in the park now was only 136, down from 150 spotted in 2007, coordinator for Sumatra of Flora Fauna International (FFI), […]