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Getting from Hanoi to Hue (and return)

Hue, the former imperial capital of Vietnam, is located in the center of the country. It is directly connected to the Nguyá»…n Dynasty. During the Vietnam War it went through hard times when it was conquered by Viet Cong and then bombarded by the Americans. Many travelers visit the city […]

Camino de Santiago: an inspirational journey

We all draw inspiration for traveling from various sources. I remember reading when I was younger that someone wanted to visit all European capitals. Guess what? I’m on that quest as well, ticking off 4 of them already (with the past 4 years). Drawing inspiration from famous journeys can also […]

Travel & Drinking Etiquette

Smells and tastes are powerful memory triggers, and you don’t have to be a lush to have fond memories of drinks from around the world. From drinking Champagne in the region of the same name in France to sipping Shiraz in Australia to sampling a Mai Tai in Hawaii, there […]

Getting from Hanoi to Sapa (and return)

Sapa is a picturesque village located in northern Vietnam, close to the border with China. It is a major travel destination and is appreciate both for its landscape and cultural diversity. The surrounding countryside is characterized by lush vegetation, rice terraces and you can also find the highest peak in […]

Camping with the kids

Many couples who consider having kids are concerned that their traveling days are over as soon as their bundle of joy arrives in this world. Yes, your hosteling and parting all nights vacations will be over — unless you ask the grandparents to baby sit while you escape over a […]