When searching and contemplating that next travel destination, cost is almost always one of the top factors. Western European countries like Spain often get the short end of the stick because of the preconceived notion of it being unaffordable. While it’s true that Spain is more expensive than regions like […]

Renting in Spain

The Great Wall of China is one of the most-recognizable structures in the entire world. In total, in stretches for 6,700 km but the wall can only be visited in some locations. Some of them are awfully touristy, but others offer an excellent place to get away from the crowds. […]

Hotels near the Great Wall of China

Search Shanghai hostels with up-to-date availability and book a hostel in Shanghai. Shanghai is the largest city in China and definitely the more developed. In the past 20 years , it has gained a lot of popular among travelers. As a result, the cheap accommodation options are plentiful. Basically, the […]

Cheap Hostels in Shanghai