Visiting Portland during Pedalpalooza

Something visitors notice almost immediately when arriving in Portland is how bike-friendly the city is. And although we came in second to Minneapolis in Bicycling magazine’s latest Top Bike-Friendly Cities survey, Portland can definitely claim the title of the most bike-friendly beer town in America or at least the city […]

Good times keep rolling this fall…

Snow’s beginning to fall here in the Rockies, but I’m sure some of you out there are still reluctant to put away your wheels for the winter just yet. Keeping that in mind, here’s a little teaser for you, excerpted from the UK Telegraph’s list of the Six greatest bicycle […]

Bike & Hike

Two biking stories today… BikeHike Adventures organizes high-energy tours that include biking, hiking, rafting, sea kayaking, horseback riding, and even hot-air ballooning (in Turkey). The company adheres to sustainable-tourism practices and welcomes singles, promising to match you with a same-gender fellow traveler or give you a private room at no […]

Ride a green bike, see the Midwest

Renewable energy supporters are bicycling across five Midwestern states this week to promote the use of wind power and ethanol. The bikes are equipped with solar panels that produce electricity to help with uphill rides or play music. “We have done this before in the Midwest and in Europe,” said […]