Summer Music Festivals in Portland

Portland shines in summer. The city. The people. The music. After months of gloomy weather, the summer months are chock full of outdoor festivals and concerts — from the family-friendly Rose Festival, to indie music at the Oregon Zoo, to beer festivals at Waterfront Park. If Portland is an indie […]

Portland Polish Festival

Every September, Portland’s only Polish church puts on a polka and pirogi-filled fest. The festival kicks off in North Portland, between the two historic buildings of the Polish Library (built in 1911) and St. Stanislaus Church (built in 1907) on Failing St. The festival include cultural music, dancing, polka contest, […]

Plan a Last Minute Trip to the Running of the Bulls

Some travelers are adventurous, fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants types. They think nothing of hopping on a plane with no advance planning, and arriving the next day in a totally foreign place. They’ll probably try anything once, whether it’s a mysteriously potent liquor or deep-fried animal parts of unknown origin, and they’re usually up […]

Festival in Valencia: Las Fallas

Definitely considered one of the most wacky and unique festivals in Spain, Las Fallas de Valencia – literally translated to mean ‘the fires’ in Valenciano – is a massive festival in Valencia, celebrated in vigour and awe every March. This grand festival is the biggest of its kind in Valencia, […]