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It Starts…

Hello. Hola. Ni hao. Ciao. こんにちは. здравствулте!. Welcome to San Francisco, where you are as likely to hear Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, Japanese, Russian, or a multitude of other languages as you are to hear English. This west coast boomtown is truly like no other, and I am lucky enough to […]

Help Wanted

G’day! You’ve reached a section of New Site Created that is, sadly, empty. In time, however, it will be filled with all sorts of fantastic information, so if this particular subject is your bag, bookmark it and come back later. Meanwhile, why not encourage us to get off the couch […]

Orbitz and Expedia Offer Eco-Friendly Hotels

You know ecotourism has hit the big time if global travel booking giants Orbitz and Expedia have started their own eco travel sections providing green accommodation options. So it was with gusto that I trawled through their new pages to see if they’d fallen into the greenwashing trap or whether […]

Ireland Around the Web: 04.30.08

Here are some Ireland items in the news lately: The film “Mary, Queen of Scots” might be about Scotland, but it’ll be shot in Ireland. Can you imagine Ireland without Waterford Crystal? Apparently Waterford Crystal can. Here’s a little article about one couple’s hike along the coast from Sutton to […]

Carbon Neutral Vacations and Tours

With the jury being out on whether offsetting carbon emissions actually works, a carbon neutral break seems only to be likely if you choose to cycle to an eco lodge in your own country, but not so, according to new Costa Rican tour operator on the block, Nature Vacations. They […]

Photo of the Week: Baja, California on bikes

(This is a guest photo by Family Travel reader Nancy Sathre-Vogel from Family on Bikes. I’m traveling in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and Chicago this week.) Look at the bottom of that huge cactus down in Baja, California — that’s part of the Vogel family. Their triple bike is dwarfed by […]