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Bike Tours in Barcelona

One of the best ways to see the sprawling city of Barcelona is on two wheels. Unlike most major Spanish cities, attractions in Barcelona are scattered all over the city and commuting from one place to another requires time. Instead of taking the metro or bus, bike tours in Barcelona […]

Check out New Zealand’s Spooky Past

It’s that time of year again…the time when thoughts turn to ghosts and ghouls and haunted histories….of just to dressing up like your favorite spooky character and hitting the town. If you’re interests lie more in uncovering the paranormal phenomena in New Zealand than they do in heading to a […]

Spain Travel News 10/27/2010

HENRI MATISSE RETURNS TO THE ALHAMBRA PALACE AFTER 100 YEARS In December, 1910 Henri Matisse (1869-1954) visited the Alhambra Palace (Granada) for his first time, after passing through Madrid, Cordoba, Toledo and Barcelona, he was impressed with the Moorish Palace (“Alhambra Palace is a wonder” said Matisse to her wife […]

Things to do and see in Florida besides Walt Disney World

Although I’m from a Navy family and feel as though my home is “anywhere on Planet Earth,”  I was actually born in Key West, Florida. Therefore, as an official Conch, I do feel an affinity for the Sunshine State. This is where I recommend taking kids in Florida if I […]