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Spend Spring Break in Mazatlan this Year

With the Spring Break 2011 approaching, American students start day-dreaming : beaches, cocktails, dancing, girls, boys, fun… vacation! Ah! I remember the college years when I couldn’t wait for the mid-terms to end so that I could go somewhere and have fun. This year, Spring Break is in mid-March so […]

Spain Travel News 01/30/2011

Turrón de Crisis “La Crisis” cut so deep this year in Spain that my friends will first have to gather their lottery winnings before they can mail my year-end turrón supply. That said, I am not terribly worried about suffering a turrón-free 2011 because the chances of my nougat suppliers […]

Valentine’s Day in Spain

Picture yourself and your loved one embracing in the romantic lights of Plaza Mayor, Madrid or strolling along the golden sandy beaches of Barcelona and stealing a kiss or two? Spain is dubbed one of the most romantic places in the world, alongside Italy and France. Forget about Venice or […]