Cities & Regions Turkey

Turkey is very popular among European tourists. The great prices for accommodation, transport and food makes it a very popular destination for independent travelers as well as for those looking to go to a luxury hotel in a posh resort.


Turkey’s capital, Ankara is home to a lot of archeological sites and interesting places to spend your time in a fun way. Go shopping, visit museums and archeological sites and enjoy the Turkish cuisine.

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Located on the Mediterranean coast, Antalya is the hub to the Turkish Riviera. Although not so long ago the city itself was filled with tourists, now most of them arrive via the vacation packages offered by the travel agencies and flock to the areas outside the site. But that doesn’t mean Antalya lost its charm. The narrow streets in the Old City, filled with hotels and restaurants are just perfect to explore.

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Over the centuries, Istanbul has been the capital of four empires. Today, stretching over two continents, it’s home to a lot of interesting historical sites dating from ancient times, baring the influence of many cultures. The Blue Mosque is, without a doubt, the city’s landmark.

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Kusadasi is a coast resort in the Aegean. It’s very popular among Europeans. Each year from May to October, it draws mostly Northern and Western Europeans who like to spend a vacation in a nice climate without paying an arm and a leg for it. During the high season, a night in a new 5 star hotel costs between €45 and €57 per person.