Things to Do

Belly DancerSpreading over two continents, Turkey is the country where the Middle Eastern mysticism is beautifully merging with Western life. Beaches, bars and restaurants cater for everyone while the sensual belly dancing shows remind the traveler of the Arabian Nights. Don’t forget the shopping: a staple of the Middle Eastern life, shopping for bargins is at its best all over the Turkish bazaars.


Turkey is pretty much synonymous with affordable beach resorts and plenty of beaches. Surrounded by three seas, Turkey has plenty of beaches to share with its tourists. Secluded or extremely crowded, they all attract tourist from all over the world during May and October.

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Caving has recently started to be one of the most popular activities among tourists (mostly those from the Middle East). Cave dwellings, caves surrounded by legends and everything in between attract both caving enthusiasts and curious tourists.

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Belly dancing

Belly dancing: sensual dance of the hips and abdomen, which make any men go crazy and have wild dreams. It’s not that hard to find a club in Turkey where you can see the beautiful dancers performing their art. Tours also include belly dancing lessons (for the uninitiated: it’s a great cardio workout!).


Shopping for bargains is one of the best things to do in Turkey. Whatever you want to buy, it’s advisable to pay attention to quality. Tea, spices or jewelry are among the favorite items to purchase here. Lokum (Turkish Delight) is an awesome “souvenir” for anyone who has a sweet-tooth.

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