Destination Sponsorship Packages

We offer large-scale, content-integrated ad campaigns across the BootsnAll travel & sports networks. These customized campaigns combine graphic and contextual advertising, and can be designed to incorporate content syndication. These campaigns are ideal for national and regional tourist boards, as well as large brand advertisers that want to closely associate their travel brand with a specific destination (eg. Italy, Amsterdam) or type of travel (eg. adventure, ecotourism).

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Targeted Advertising Opportunities:

Online Travel Guides: Italy, Amsterdam, Bali, Australia, Belize, Croatia, Australia, Hawaii, Ireland, Las Vegas, London, Mount Kilimanjaro, Paris, Portland, Oregon, South Africa and more




eCommerce Travel: Hostels, Hotels, Eurail Passes, Vacation Rentals, Camping, Airport Limos, International Airfare, Adventure Trips, Travel Jobs

Other Travel Sites: Adventure Travel, Business Travel, Eco Travel, Gadgets, TEFL, Travel Gear, Travel Writing, Volunteer Abroad, Belize Real Estate

For small to medium sized businesses, we offer smaller-scale sponsorship packages. Check out the 125 x 125 campaigns in our small business advertising section.