Africa Adventure

Africa is definitely one of the first places people thing about when they here the words adventure travel. Africa is famous for big game viewing, incredibly amazing and unique landscapes and terrain. Whether you want to climb mount Kilimanjaro or just photograph the king of the jungle, you can do all that and more in Africa.


Popular Adventures in the South East

Adventure Travel Relaxation — Are those back t back days of adventure getting to you? Why not take a few days off from your adventure trip in Africa and relax on a small island of the coast of Africa?

Kite Surfing — Africa is a popular place to learn kit surf. If you are one of the many adventure travelers looking to give kit surfing a try, be sure to visit Shark Bay. Flat water, and cinstant wind make it the ideal learning grounds.




Sleep with Lions – We don’t me lay in bed and cuddle, but we do mean camping out within earshot of these kings of the jungle. Drakenstein Lion Park is a sanctuary for lions who cant be reintroduced into the wild. This park provides many up close and personal interactions with lions.

Machame Route Up Mount Kilimanjaro — A first stop for many adventurers to Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro. Get some information about one of the most popular routes up this world famous mountain.

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African Contrast — Spend 49 days exploring the Sothern area of Africa. Start out in Nairobi and make your way down to the costal town of Cape Town. Along the way see ample amounts of wild game, visit Victoria falls, and float down the Okavango Delta in a dug out canoe.

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